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Scanner-X from MailFoundry

MailFoundry is a powerful, industry-leading, anti-spam and anti-virus system. We are pleased to confirm that ACE Studio Designs can now offer dedicated filtering servers (MailFoundry) which will reduce your spam effectively and with no intervention from you.

So what does MailFoundry do?

MailFoundry uses spam definitions to identify and remove spam emails before they reach your inbox. MailFoundry is updated every 5 minutes by which ensures that even the most recent spam outbreaks are filtered effectively and efficiently thus guaranteeing maximum effectiveness.

You can of course utilise SpamAssassin via your cpanel. SpamAssasin uses keywords to guess which emails might be spam - the main problem with this being that this method can offer a lot of incorrect 'scores' and genuine mail can be spammed and spam can not be caught. MailFoundry is different as it does not use this formulae; i.e traditional scoring, and does not guess which emails may be spam.

MailFoundry in an industry leader in spam detection and has an impressive false positive rate of less than 1 in 1 million.

MailFoundry is a dedicated appliance server, which sits between our mailservers and the internet stopping spam and virus emails before they even reach our core mailservers:

MailFoundry Stats

Key benefits of MailFoundry

Accurate spam filtering with up to 99% of spam removed from your email

Virus and Malicious emails also blocked.

Daily digest email shows all emails that were blocked for each of your mailboxes.

Simply click a link to release a quarantined email you wish to view or receive.

24/7 updates to our spam filtering rules being applied every 5 minutes.

Fully managed solution so you do not need to worry or waste time with spam again.


Example graph from the scanner-x softwareDoes your current host provide an effective spam and virus filter? Our own consumer research has shown Spam to be the number one concern for hosting users. We decided to be pro-active and look for a cost effective solution that will eliminate this concern for all of our customers. You can purchase MailFoundry for an annual price of just £45.00. (equivelent to just £3.75 per month)

Try hosting with ACE Studio Designs today and witness for yourself just how good MailFoundry is at filtering spam and virus from your inbox.

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Key: Ham = OK Mail Spam: Appears on Digest RBL: Blocked Mail

Please note that this product can only be ordered if your domain is hosted on our servers. It is also for owned domains only so will not work on any of the free accounts such as,, etc.