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Submission & Optimisation Services

Once you have your site designed and uploaded to the web, you must try to utilise the options that you have readily available to enable potential customers  to find your site.

Search Engine Submission

Search Engine Submission is just one method available to you to get your site visible to your customers on a world wide basis. Our service is designed to maximise your exposure over the internet and increase the amount of visitors to your site.

We will submit your site to over 1200 search engines with our prices starting at just an incredible £15.00


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Over 95% of people use Search Engines to find the websites that they are looking for on the web. Are they finding your website?

Search Engines are changing the submission rules on an almost daily basis. It is important that their guidelines are followed as over submission can result in your website being barred and not listed. ACE Studio Designs operate a programme whereby your site will be automatically submitted in line with any given rule as laid down by any particular search engine. It is important that once you get listed you stay listed.

We guarantee that if you sign up for a six month submission contract or more, you will get listed in 95% of the worlds search engines.


We will not allow the submission of illegal or immoral sites. Our submission service will not guarantee your site being listed on a particular search engine, as this is the decision of the search engine and is beyond the control of ACE Studio Designs. We do however guarantee submission to each engine for approval. We would also suggest that you ensure correct keywords, descriptions and meta tags are placed on your site and that you use descriptive wording on your website to ensure that your chances of success are improved.

Also bear in mind that successful marketing should not solely be placed on search engines and you should promote your website via all other marketing strategies available to you/your company.


Search Engine Optimisation
(SEO) - An Explanation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the practice of modifying a website so that it is considered to be 'Search Engine Friendly'. If a website can be properly read by the search engine spiders it has far more chance of achieving good results in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

The task of any search engine optimisation company is to understand what the search engines are looking for and which techniques they give greater credibility to. This is the Holy Grail of search engine optimisation and even though some companies can find tricks to deceive each search engine, natural and ethical Internet marketing techniques that are approved in the search engine optimisation industry prevail for search engine listing longevity.

First Page Search Engine Listings

We aim to get all websites that take our search engine optimisation Internet marketing package onto the first page (if not the top) of all major search engines. We have studied what works and what doesn't, with the basis of our service being pure optimisation of the code in your site. All of our search engine optimisation techniques are natural and ethical.

Our search engine Optimisation has helped clients increase traffic to their website by as much as 600% through better listings on the search engines, and with up to 95% of your customers searching for products and services on-line, can you afford not to be found?

For more information on our SEO packages or that of any other service that we provide, please either call us on 0845 838 6066 or contact our sales department via our support ticketing system.